6 Ways to Use an Apple Watch as a Computer

An Apple watch has its limitations. The biggest challenge is that the screen is very small. Since the display only shows a limited amount of text, they aren’t meant to be used as a full-fledged computer. But there are ways around this problem. In fact, you’ll find many people who use their Apple Watches in more creative ways than just checking emails or making phone calls. 

The Apple Watch as a Computer

You can take advantage of the built-in iPhone app called “Siri”. You can ask Siri for directions, movie times, and even make restaurant reservations. It’s a convenient feature if you’re driving somewhere and need basic information like what movies are playing nearby. And it can also work really well for things like checking your email and looking up certain facts on Wikipedia. 

1) Checking Email

If you have an Internet connection available, the native Mail application on your watch lets you check your email right from the wrist. This works great when you’re out running errands or hanging out at home with a few friends. Just open up Mail on your watch and tap the Messages tab. If someone sends you a message, they should appear directly below the subject line.

2) Finding Movies

There are two apps specifically designed for watching movies on your Apple Watch. One is called “Movie Trailers” and the other is called Movie Plus+. Both allow you to search for movies by genre or plot summary, so you don’t have to wait until you get home to start watching something new!

3) Making Phone Calls

When you call someone, it’s usually best to do it over the phone. However, sometimes you may want to send quick messages through iMessage using the Watch’s messaging feature. To do this, all you have to do is type a contact name into the Spotlight Search box (by swiping it down from the top of the watch face). Once you see a list of matching contacts, simply select one and then choose Message instead of Call.

4) Looking Up Facts

Sometimes you want to look up some random fact while sitting on the couch… but you don’t want to pull out your phone. With Apple’s built-in dictionary app, you can quickly look up words by typing them into the search bar. Even looking up your favorite online casino site is possible on the Apple Watch…

5) Setting Reminders

One thing you won’t be able to do on the Watch itself is set reminders. That job will go to Siri, which allows you to create reminders without having to bring your iPhone along. Simply say ‘Remind me about…’ followed by whatever reminder you would normally speak into your iPhone. When the time comes, Siri can read aloud your request and give you a detailed response.

6) Using Your Watch as a Compass

Need help figuring out where north is? No worries; the compass located on the side of the Apple Watch can point you in the right direction. All you have to do is hold your device sideways next to your body.

The Bottom Line 

While the Apple Watch does come with a ton of features, it’s really meant to be used alongside your smartphone rather than standalone. The best way to use it? Ask Siri questions, play games, and view notifications.

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